Why David Hodson? - David Hodson, Criminal Defence Lawyer

David Hodson Criminal Defence Law

Professional advocate and courtroom warrior

Regardless of the lawyer you work with, the relationship must be comfortable, and you must have confidence in your lawyer's abilities. Not all lawyers are the same: As in any profession, some are better than others. You will want your lawyer to be an experienced advocate with a proven record of success.

David Hodson has years of experience, primarily as a trial lawyer. He is in court almost every day, and understands the criminal or youth court process. More importantly, he is able to exploit the weaknesses within the adversarial system in order to achieve success for you.

David Hodson's fees are more than reasonable and he is willing to tailor payment plans that fit your budget. With his commitment to defending you, and his friendly compassion, you will feel comfortable throughout the difficult ordeal ahead.

David Hodson

Practicing criminal law. That's all.

David Hodson is a lawyer with a practice restricted to criminal law. He does NOT practice civil litigation, real estate or any other areas of law.

Furthermore, he is regularly asked to represent members of the Canadian Armed Forces facing Court Martial - the military forum for criminal law. Regardless of whether an accused person is a civilian or member of the military, the principles and concepts integral to the administration of criminal justice are the same.

David Hodson has earned a variety of university degrees, published 20+ articles on a variety of topics, been interviewed and quoted in the news during his criminal trials, received community awards and been presented with military medals. When not representing people in criminal court, his personal pursuits include triathlons, scuba diving and asymmetric warfare.

A successful criminal defence lawyer must be able to grasp the nuances of an unfolding trial quickly and effortlessly. As evidence is presented by witnesses, a lawyer must be able to manoeuvre and change tactics as dictated by the circumstances. Knowledge, skills AND life experiences are crucial. David Hodson's academic, legal and social background guarantees his success at trial.